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Financial and Wealth Planning

Financial and Wealth Planning

Financial and Wealth Planning

There are no ready-made plans. Financial planning, at its simplest, is the term for building a roadmap to prioritize and attempt to achieve multiple, often competing, financial goals.

Our financial planning approach is grounded in a deep understanding of our clients and the different goals they are trying to reach. For each client, we curate a customized strategy that can help them manage both sides of their balance sheets, which empowers our clients to be able to navigate the unpredictable and unexpected confidently.

Financial Planning Deliverables

What Wealth Means to You

Wealth means different things to different people, so we start with a high-level discussion on what is important to you and your family. This conversation is the cornerstone to sound financial planning. We also discuss emotions and how they can significantly impact your economic outcomes. We walk clients through common mistakes that can be made when mixing money, emotions, and decision-making and then review how you may be able to prevent them.

Cash Flow Management

We prepare an analysis of your income, expenses, and savings to determine how these interrelate to achieve your goals. A good cash flow plan balances common goals such as debt reduction/payoff strategies, college education funding for children or family members, and retirement contributions for your financial security. This analysis also includes creating an emergency fund to weather unexpected expenses and life transitions.

Organization Process

Just as items get lost in a messy room, a disorganized financial life makes it easy to lose track of where your money goes, creates excess stress, and sabotages efficient planning. We help you create a system that makes sense and can help you ensure that money is doing what it should.

Tax Planning

Successful tax strategies can reduce taxes without disrupting your financial and personal goals. Part of our initial discussion is implementing a strategy that aims to help lower taxable income, reduce dividend payments and capital gains, and increase deductions.

Retirement Income Planning

We help you define your retirement goals. Lifestyles vary, but we help discern how much you may need in retirement and discuss the strategies that can help you reach these goals.

Risk Management

Working to minimize losses from an unexpected disability, death, or long-term care need is an essential part of our service. We conduct a complete review of existing life, disability, and long-term care insurance and make recommendations for retention, replacement, or addition to current coverages.

Investment Management

We develop and manage your investments in line with your unique situation. Portfolios aim to minimize your risk, maximize your return, protection and flexibility. We focus on asset allocation, asset location, and how those two fit together.

Employee Benefit Consultation

We help you determine how you can maximize your company’s employee benefits to meet your needs and long-term goals.

Estate and Legacy Planning

 Protecting and transferring wealth is the primary goal of estate planning. We discuss strategies that can help you reduce or avoid estate taxes and are also efficient wealth transfer vehicles.

Transition Planning

Whether starting a new career, starting or selling your business, retiring, divorcing, or recently widowed, we help you develop transition plans for the next phase of your live.

Action Plan

All the planning in the world will not get you results unless we very efficiently implement your plan with accountability and focus.

Review and Adjust

Financial planning is an ongoing process. To help ensure the plan continues to meet your needs, we periodically reassess where we are, check the progress we have made, and discuss any necessary course corrections that we need to take.