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Investment Management

Investment Management:

Investment management is no longer a unique deliverable in of itself. Inspired Wealth Solutions' investment management aims to preserve, manage, and grow your assets. In addition to balancing risk and return, your portfolio can be designed to provide diversification, eliminate excess cost, reduce tax liability, and provide sufficient flexibility and cash flow to meet your needs now and in the future.

Investment Philosophy

Investment Philosophy

Active or passive? Why not consider both? Pension plans and endowments do it. We call it a core-satellite approach to investing. It is a bespoke combination of active and passive investment vehicles from proprietary and third-party managers that are chosen to align with your goals and preferences.

Advice should be focused on your interests, not designed to sell a product. And products aren't doctrines to believe in; they are tools. We are product agnostic and want to leverage the complete set of tools to put our clients in the best position to be successful.

Core Principles of Investing


The object of investing is to optimize real returns after-tax and inflation.


Greed, fear, impatience, poor discipline, and letting the media affect decisions are seldom profitable in the long term.


Manage your cash flow and liquidity needs and adapt as they change.


Financial markets are constantly evolving, so we are ready to adjust to changes in opportunities and protection.


Every investment should serve a purpose, and the goal is to seek compensation for taking on additional risk.


Focus on what you keep as opposed to just what you make. Taxes can have a significant impact in unexpected ways, which is why we make tax planning a priority.